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I can't recover - it will hurt my art!

Virginia Woolf wrote that to write, a woman needs money and a room of her own.

Without them, and unable to express oneself, Woolf also highlighted the effect that would have on ones mental health.

To write, I need money, a room of my own and good mental health. My demons do not help my creative process.

My depression and my social isolation definitely influenced my tastes. So I’m quirky and different (oh, who isn’t!).

So if I were all better - whatever that means - then what? Will I now write ‘normal’ and ‘commercial’ stuff?

Oh the horror. I sent my demons away and they took my unique voice with them. Bastards.

Only they haven’t. That’s bollocks.

Better mental health has helped me be more focused, more disciplined, and so much better at adjusting, adapting, like accepting notes. And trusting my own instincts and knowing how to defend my corner against some of those notes.

Because now I have the confidence to do so. And that has had such a knock on effect in all areas of my life. Which in turn, informs my writing.

So go ahead and get better. Find the technique, the therapy, whatever it is that works for you, and take that plunge. Life will still be tough and horrible and stressful, I promise! Only now it can be good and even great sometimes too.